Mistreated scared dog rescued by a family found comfort and peace in her 1-year-old lovely little friend

Dogs, these gentle and caring creatures, often help people to overcome their hard moments with their understanding and kindness. They bring joy and hopefulness into our lives, when it is so painful or empty in our hearts. And sometimes, there are some situations, when these wonderful souls need our help and understanding.

Meet Nora, a dog with a hard past, and a 1-year-old toddler, Archie. Their friendship began from the moment they met each other. The story of this adorable duo will prove once again how strong the connection between a human being and a doggy can be.

Nora had a very tough life. He was mistreated by his former owners, whose constant abuse had a bad impact on her emotional sphere. Nora was scared and confused, he was frightened of everything and everyone. When someone wanted to come closer to her, she began to lash, as she was scared.

But her life has changed, when one beautiful day she met Archie. This wonderful baby, who was a very calm, good-natured, laid-back little creature, could help Nora to forget her past, to become peaceful and trustful. As soon as they met, Nora loved the baby, and was very attached to him. His relaxed attitude had a good impact on Nora, and they soon became inseparable friends.

Day by day, their incredible bond grew and brought happiness and joy, to both of them. Nora adored Archie. She followed him everywhere he were, during bath time, she was next to him, eating time, she is again there. Archie changed Nora’s traumatized life, giving her a sense of safety and security, so he overcame his hurtful past.

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